Audio Clips


Audio Clips

KMTI Table Talk – Larry Masco and Tom Dozier discuss the basics of positive parenting advocated by the late Glenn Latham.

Part 1: April 18, 2011
Topics for part 1.
– Why children behave the way they do
– Behavior principles
– Common mistakes parents make
–  Parenting styles
– New challenges in today’s society for parents

Part 2: April 25, 2011
Topics for part 2.
– What to do about bad behavior
– What to do with good behavior
– Parental coping skills in intense situations
– Use of incentives
– Verbal skills and responses for parents
– Creating the Positive Home Environment

Part 3: May 2, 2011
Topics for part 3.
– How much do children learn from modeled behavior
– Neglectful parents and the consequence on children
– Indulgent parents and the consequence on children
– Instituting accountability in the home at various age levels
– How to accomplish quality family time
– Raising faithful children