Bedtime Problems


Overcoming Bedtime Problems for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Do you struggle getting your child in bed toursanluis, staying in bed, and going to sleep?  Watch this 20 minute class to see how to eliminate these problems.  The methods presented here are based on research in child behavior, and THEY REALLY WORK.

This class was filmed as a test of the technology that I will be using to develop an online parent training course for parents of young children.  This is part of my Master’s of Science program at California State University, Stanislaus titled, “Behavior Analysis and the Family.”

To watch the class, go to

This presentation explains how to use extinction, expectations and the bedtime pass program to overcome bedtime resistance.  Bedtime resistance is where the child does not want to go to bed and resists this activity.  He or she may cry when you tell the child to get ready for bed, cry when you take them to bed, refuse to stay in bed, come out of their room over and over again, or have a tantrum at bedtime.  Getting young children in bed and asleep can be exhausting on parents.  It can try our patience.  It can drive us nuts!  Parents should not just endure this horrible experience at bedtime.  But what do you do?  Watch this video class, and you will find out.  Extinction is where you simply ignore the crying out and take the child back to bed if he or she comes out.  This is effective, but is hard on the parent and requires consistency.  The parents I coach have enjoyed great success with expectations for bedtime behavior, but there is no research on using expectations to eliminate bedtime resistance (but it really works).  The bedtime pass program has been proven effective in several independent research studies, and works for children 3 and up .

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