Favorite Links


Favorite Links

Misophonia Treatment Institute – Misophonia is a sensitivity to soft sounds, like chewing, breathing, typing, or any other repeating sound.  For a child with misophonia, such sounds are intolerable and produce extreme emotional behavior.
Website of Dr. Glenn I. Latham, the real parenting expert .

Families in Zion
FUN and EASY family home evening lessons.  Ideas, inspirational stories, and object lessons.  And we add new material each month.

Motherhood Support Center
Support for LDS Mothers

Enlightened Homemaker
Free newsletter, chore charts and more, for LDS homemakers.

Resources and retail products for LDS Primary, LDS Seminary, Institute, Young Women, Young Men, Scouting, or other auxiliary workers in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints the right intro.

Parenting Prescriptions – Website of Dr. Glenn Latham, the real parenting expert.  Excellent information on many parenting topics.

I Can Do It! – The I Can Do It! planner is a fun and interactive family & school management solution which uses tried and trusted practical strategies so you can help your children by teaching them about working as a team while learning life-skills and social values.

Parenting ForumDiscuss and share information about parenting, kids health,learning progression, kids problem,taking care of them and more.