Homework Wars


Eliminating the Homework Wars (DVD)

Does your child dawdle, stall, complain, and even act incompetent about their homework (or other chores)?  Do you care more than he/she does?  This video will teach you positive ways to motivate your child, and eliminate the battles over homework.  You can actually stop nagging and have your child choose to do his/her homework.

Incentives – Important, but Not Enough 

A general authority was in our stake recently, and at the Saturday evening meeting he said that we should use incentives to help our children do the things they need to do.  I whole-heartedly agree, and so does the research in human behavior.

BUT, it takes more than just incentives.  There are many aspects of our home environment that affect our children’s willingness to do the things they should be doing.

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Joseph F. Smith said, “Our children will be just about what we make them… All that it knows greatly depends upon its environment, the influences under which it is brought up… And it will be largely what its environment and its parents and teachers make it.”  This is a basic principle of Behavior Science, or the study of how people react and learn nutritionist, nutritionist program.  This video is consistent with Gospel principles, but it is based on the research in human behavior conducted over the last 40 years.  From this research, we gained a great understanding how the Homework Wars get started, and how to eliminate them!

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Why Kids Behave                            Behavior Science and the Gospel

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What’s on the DVD?

Eliminating the Homework Wars explains fundamental principles of behavior and how to have a positive home.

  • Behavior basics: Why children do the things they do.
  • Coercion, and the problematic effects that follow.
  • The effects of pushing vs. leading children
  • The characteristics of effective consequences
  • How children respond to the general home environment Once you get your general home environment right, then you can effectively use incentives.  This section covers skills and techniques of
  • Parental expectations
  • Motivating your children
  • Grandma’s Law
  • Effective use of incentives
  • Parenting tools to get the most of incentives

Guaranteed Results – You Can’t Loose

As with all products and services from LDS Parent Coach and Guaranteed Parent Training, this DVD comes with our unconditional money back guarantee.  Learn how to help your child take responsibility for homework (and other things).  Learn how to motivate your child to do homework (or whatever he/she needs to do).  Behaviorist and parenting skills trainer Tom Dozier will teach you specific, positive ways to take control of your home environment.  There is hope.  This is a ‘war’ that you can, and should win.  You AND your child will be happier for it!

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Introduction to E.H.W.                         What is in Eliminating Homework Wars

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