Kids (4-8 yrs)


Kids (4-8 yrs)

By age 4, your child’s language will be very functional.  You will be able to teach your child how to do things (like chores) and how you expect your child to behave.  A cute (and good) book for this age is, “How to Behave and Why” by Munro Leaf.

The skills presented on this website are very effective with this age of child.  Create a Positive Home Environment, and catch your child being good often.

This is a great age to teach, motivate, and build positive behavior.  This is a great age to eliminate behavior problems (large or small).  This is a great age to teach your child to cooperate and obey.  At this age you control virtually everything that your child really wants.  In fact, your attention is usually the biggest reward your child can earn.

If you are struggling with behavior problems at this age, it is much quicker and easier to address them now instead of  the tween and teen years. At this age bath toys babame, positive behavioral parenting skills work extremely fast and improve your relationship at the same time.

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