Parent Coaching


Parent Coaching – Personal help

Tom Dozier provides individual parent coaching services in a variety of ways.
 – Working over the phone is the best methods for long-distance help.
 – You can meet with Tom in person at his office at 5801 Arlene Way in Livermore.  
 – Help can be provided by email.  This is the least preferred because it is the least efficient form of communication.

Parent Coaching Sessions:  Tom works with you, the parent, so that you can effectively handle your parenting challenges.  Parent coaching sessions are best if they include both parents, but working with one parent is acceptable.  Sessions typically run 1 to 1.5 hrs, but can be just a few minutes.  Tom helps you understand your parenting problems, and teaches you the skills you need to help your children behave well. 

Frequency:  It is best if parent coaching sessions occur weekly at first.  This gives you the chance to try the techniques discussed, and then review how it worked for you.  It also helps you make the changes you want to make by having frequent review of progress.  Sessions can be more or less frequent based on your request. 

Cost:  The standard rate for parent coaching is $100 per session (55 minute). If this is cost prohibitive, then ask for the sliding scale based on your ability to pay. All coaching is provided with a “Satisfaction or Money Back” guarantee. Credit card, check, and PayPal are accepted.

Getting Started:  If you think you are interested in Parent Coaching, then call Tom and chat.  You will probably be very surprised at the insight you can gain from just one chat.  Initial calls are welcome and are free.

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Enrollment Agreement:  A signed Enrollment Agreement is required before any payments are made.  This agreement defines the Money Back guaranteed, and is also a liability waiver for Tom and Guaranteed Parent Training.  It is easiest to handle this by email.  [read Enrollment Agreement]