When children learn to walk, their new found mobility gives great opportunities to explore the world around them.  This also creates almost limitless opportunities for kids to annoy their parents.  Toddlers learn that first word with power – NO!  They all learn it.

Some toddlers are much tougher than others.  That’s just the way it is.  I thought my wife and I were practically perfect parents, until we had our third child.  She humbled us!

The goal with toddlers is to have lots of positive interaction, and make the things happen that need to happen.  You can avoid many power struggles and battles.  You can teach your child to cooperate and comply.  You can easily redirect toddlers, but you need to make sure you are not promoting the bad behavior in the process.  Behavioral parenting skills work great with toddlers.  For example, timeout can be a very effective parenting skill, but it is used ineffectively by most parents.

Common problems with toddlers include non-compliance, tantrums, hitting, bedtime problems, mealtime and eating problems.  There are positive parenting skills that work in these and other behavior problems.  A parenting coach can teach you the sklls you need and how to apply them.

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