Young Adults


Young Adults

You can watch the video parenting class, “The Launch: The Transition from Dependent Child to Independent Adult” at


When are They Really Adults?

In most states, becoming an adult happens legally at age 18.  But actually maturing into adulthood is something that continues to about age 26.  Transitioning from a high school student into a mature, self-reliant adult can be problematic.

Failure to Launch?This is a common problem. Get help from a parenting coach.


Learned Helplessness

Between the ages of 18 and 26, young adults are either learning to be self-sufficient or helpless.  Your child needs to learn to be independent and self-sufficient.  A parenting coach can teach you what to do.


Employment Problems?

An adult child at home will often be unemployed or under-employed.  This can be a difficult problem for a child with few skills.  This needs to be the child’s concern (not yours).
Don’t You Want to Go to College?
You want your child to go to college, but your child really does not (even if she say, “OK”).


Parent Coaching Can Help

A parenting coach like Tom Dozier can help you work through the issues regarding a child at home, and learn positive ways to communicate your expectations.  He can also help you deal with the difficult situation where your child’s actions show that he is not being independent or working to become self-sufficient.  These are risky times for your child, and taking no action has significant long-term risks.  Parent Coaching in this case is easy to conduct by phone.  Give Tom a call for a free review of your situation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]